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商科代写|金融代写 Financial report



分析上市公司,制作完整年报project, 至少3000字

Capital Market Analysis (5 marks) Your analysis should cover the following points:

1. Plot the stock price and trading volume movement (present charts) of your company over the last 5 years


The purpose of the assignment is to enable you to understand the main message of research on topics

relating to business valuation. The articles selected for this purpose relate to one or more of the topics covered in the unit. You are required to choose any one article and read it carefully. You will then write a report (not exceeding 1,000 words) on the article, covering the following points:

What is the main idea of the article? (2 marks) This is a very important task. You should be able to read an article and identify the main issue it has

addressed. Why is this an important issue? (5 marks) The purpose of research is to expand the body of knowledge. You should critically evaluate the importance of the research topic. Your critique should include a discussion of how the research topic enriches the body of knowledge and why the discipline would be poorer without it.

How sound are the authors’ arguments? (5 marks) This is another important skill. After reading a research article, you should be able to judge whether

the authors have been able to convince you of their idea. This point is related to the point above. However, whereas the point above asks you to evaluate the soundness of the research topic, this point requires you to comment on the appropriateness of the authors’ arguments. Please note that we are not looking for a criticism or discussion of the research methodology. Rather, we want you to explain clearly what you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments presented by the authors.

What research methodology have the authors used? (1 marks) The next step is to discuss the research methodology used. Is the method adopted the best way to answer?

the research questions? What have the authors found? (2 marks) The final step is to briefly summarise the authors’ results and outline how you can use the authors’

findings in your professional careers. Remember, the objective of research is to inform practice. Therefore, you should critically evaluate the usefulness of this research from a practitioner’s standpoint.

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