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Run Monash (RM) is a running carnival which is held on separate dates at both Monash Caulfield and Clayton campuses during different seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring) of a year. The carnival naming convention that Run Monash uses is RM <season name> Series <campus name> <year>. So, for example, a carnival to be held in Summer season at Caulfield campus in 2019 will be named as RM Summer Series Caulfield 2019.

Anyone can attend an RM Carnival. A carnival is run on a particular date, in a particular location and only lasts for one day. During a carnival a range of events are offered from the following list:

l Marathon 42.2 Km l Half Marathon 21.1 Km l 10 Km Run l 5 Km Run l 3 Km Community Run/Walk

When a competitor initially registers for Run Monash, they are assigned a unique competitor number. Competitor's numbers consist of four digits e.g., 1122. A competitor is required to provide details of an emergency contact information at the time of registration along with parent/guardian information if the competitor being registered is under 16 years of age. The relationship to a competitor can be Parent (P), Guardian (G), Partner (T) or Friend (F).

In an upcoming carnival, there is a range of events that are offered. Competitors can enter for a particular event within a carnival. Every entry is assigned a unique entry number (e.g., 3021) which is generated by adding 1 to the last entry number used in a carnival. Using official timing devices at the carnival, Run Monash records the entrants finishing time and their place within the event.

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