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With reference to W2 & W3 - Calculations, compare and contrast the Return and Risk of Portfolio 1 with Portfolio 2. Which is considered to be more efficient? Explain why this is the case.

With reference to W3 - Calculations, which of the assets (BHP, SUN, Portfolio 2 and MVP 2) have the highest and lowest coefficient of variations? Explain why this is expected.

With reference to W5 - Beta, provide the interpretations of the regression output, specifically the levels of Coefficients and significance (p-values) of the Intercept and Beta (X Variable 1) in W5-Beta. [Note] If the p-value is less than 0.05 (0.01), then it is significant at the 5% (1%) level.

With reference to W5 - Beta, are the regression results consistent with the CAPM predictions? Explain

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